Profi Grand Prix Austria 2006

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The 2006 Austrian Pro Grand Prix was held in Graz, one week after the Mr. Olympia contest. It was a classic re-match between Cutler and Coleman. Would Ronnie get his revenge? Jay Cutler, the new king of the Olympia would be victorious again, according to the judges. Was Ronnie given a harsh decision? You decide when you view this outstanding DVD.  It includes all the judging rounds, all 16 posing routines, posedown and awards. See how Markus Rühl and Dennis James fought it out for third place and the highly sought after 2007 Olympia qualification. Witness the battles between fast rising German star Ronny Rockel, Alex Fedorov, Jaroslav Horvath and the new faces from Europe. These younger guys are the stars of the future. As far as we know this is the only one of the 3 European GPs held after the 2006 Mr. Olympia that GMV will be offering on DVD. Many expert judges felt that Ronnie should have won at least one if not 2 of these 3 GPs. See what you think after viewing this DVD. The DVD was produced and edited for GMV by Eibon Films, Germany. Complete Results -1  Jay Cutler  USA,  2  Ronnie Coleman, 3  Markus Ruhl  Germany,  4  Dennis James  USA, 5  Ronny Rockel  Germany, 6  Eddie Abbew  UK, 7  Jaroslav Horvath  Slovakia, 8  Daniele Seccarecci  Italy,  9  Mustafa Mohammad  Austria, 10  Alex Fedorov  Russia, 11  Lee Powell  UK, 12  Yamagishi Hidetada  Japan,13  Manfred Petautschnig  Austria,  14  Migger Millazzo Germany, 15  Aiman Faour  Lebanon,16  Oleg Makshatsev  Russia.  Running time 140 minutes

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