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Men of Muscle is back with a vengeance in # 7 VICIOUS MUSCLE as we showcase a number of the worlds best male bodybuilders from around the world. A best of the best in our semi-annual muscle-fest all male release! It is 130 minutes of non-stop vicious hardcore posing, pumping and training. Our 2007 edition of mind bending, gut busting muscle action is from our best shoots over the last 12 months. We take you from the 2007 Arnold Classic pump room, to the backstreets of Old City in Malta to see the 5 man Czech 2007 World Championships team pump and pose, to an interesting interview with PHIL HEATH immediately after the prejudging at the 2007 Arnold Classic, where he shares his thoughts on competing against and being compared with the best guys in the world. Plus Phil in the photo booth. You will also see 2 fantastic new young Aussies as they work out on the day after the 2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix. Approximate rumnning time 135 mins.

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