Arnold Strongman 2010

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Another Strongman title for USA! The 2010 Arnold Strongman Classic saw a repeat champion as DEREK POUNDSTONE of USA dramatically and brilliantly retained his title. It was a down to the wire battle with Poundstone finally holding off the former multiple champion Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania. It was a titanic battle between two powerhouses of the sport.
Includes the award by Arnold Schwarzenegger to a jubilant (and newly engaged) Poundstone.
This DVD is a must have for all fans of Strongman Contests, and fans of these amazing strongmen and their incredible feats of power and strength. DVD CONTENTS: (Seen in this order)
- Apollons Wheel
- Manhood Stones
- The Circus Dumbell
- Tire Lift
- Timber Lift
- The Jowett Anvil
- Sorins Monster
- Dennis Rogers Strength Demonstration
- Photo Gallery
Running time: 174 mins
Format: Widescreen 16:9

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