Arnold Classic Frauen 2006

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See the complete rounds for all three women's classes from the exciting prjudging held in the Expo Hall at the Columbus Exhibition Centre. Every compulsory pose and every single comparisonis included along with the 45 second fitness routines in black leotards.Also see the 1 piece round for FIGURE where you willwitness the intense battle between CHASTITY SLONE, MARY ELIZABETH LADO and MONICA BRANT. Captured on two cameras, The Finals DVD has all the exciting actionat one of the world's premiere women's events. In the Ms. International Fitness event, ADELA GARCIA beat a dynamic field of competitors to claim anothermajor victory. Witness the incredible acrobatics of this amazing group of athletes.The georgeous Ms. Intenational Figure line up saw MONICA BRANT PECKHAM again relegated to second place with new comer MARY ELIZABETH LIDO taking first place honours.In the Ms. International event, former Ms, Olympia IRIS KYLE muscled out DAYANA CADEAU and YAXENI ORIQUEN to take the prestigious first prize in this body building classic. Special guests Reg Park and Flex Wheeler presented trophies and of course the Governator was there to congaratulate the winners and make one of his trade mark speeches. Englische Originalversion

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