Arnold Classic 2008 Frauen

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See 23 superb contests in two great DVD's! Disc 1 is all the action from the Prejudging for three exiting classes. Disc 1 runs for 126 minutes and includes a photo gallery. Disc 2 is the complete evening Finals for all three women's classes - Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness from the Veterans' Memorial Auditorium. Disc 2 runs for 139 mins.The Finals DVD delivers all the exciting action at one of the world's premiere women's events. In the Fitness International contest, the sublimely athletic Kimberly Scheideler-Klein proved to be too strong for her opposition. The gorgeous Figure international line up was better than ever with Gina Alotti winning for her first time at the Arnold from an outstanding runner up in Jennifer Gates. Gina is bound to be a serious threat at the Figure Olympia later this year. In the Ms. International event, Yaxeni Orequen and Dayana Cadeau were the two main standouts in this class with Yaxeni taking her 4th title as this event to hold the record number of victories.

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